Juan Eslava Galán (Arjona, Jaén, 1948) graduated in English Philology from the University of Granada and received his doctorate in Literature with a thesis on Medieval History. He is one of the authors of the most important novel and historical dissemination and read in Castilian, and his work has garnered some of the most important literary prizes, among them, the Planeta Prize in 1987 for En busca del unicornio , the Ateneo de Sevilla in 1991 by El comedido hidalgo  or Fernando Lara in 1998 for Señorita. Some of his works have been translated into several languages. Of his latest novels it is worth mentioning Rey lobo  or Últimas pasiones del caballero Almafiera , and among his essays, The Catholicism explained to the sheep,  Homo erectus  -various volumes on the social history of Spain in the twentieth century- or History of the world told to skeptics . His last published book is The mother of the lamb.

“Nobody tells History as Eslava Galán. This mixture of wise erudition, narrative art and intelligent irony often produces explosive mixtures.”