Silvia Herreros de Tejada (1975) has a Degree in English Philology, a Master’s Degree in Comparative Literature and a PhD in Film Studies. Author of the essay Todos crecen menos Peter (Lengua de Trapo, 2009, VII Caja Madrid Essay Prize) and the plays  Perdidos en Nunca Jamás  (2013) and Pan y los Nadies  (2016), she has won scholarships for research stays in UCLA and Yale, where she has worked with JM Barrie’s personal archive. She also has a Dregree in Screenwriting and has worked as screenwriter and director for documentaries in TVE and Canal Plus. She is a professor at the Nebrija University and at the Madrid Film School (ECAM) and she co-founded the theater company La Abducción. She collaborates in the literary monographs of the radio program Carne Cruda. La mano izquierda de Peter Pan is her first novel.