A fun graphic novel about the difficulty of finding a flat to rent.

Looking for a flat has never been easy, but doing it in the middle of the estate bobble, its plain hell, and Laura is about to navigate it. Being 28 years old, she is tired of sharing a room with her little sister, so, as soon as she gets a permanent contract, she decides to leave home. With the dream of finding her dream flat, even though she has a limited budget, falls into the rabbit hole downloading the Irrealista app.

After weeks of calls all day long, absurd offers, cell visits, and tones of frustration, Laura is still on the go. Thankfully, she has the help and experience of her friends, they will give her advice worthy of a ninja, until she becomes a real expert. Will she be able to find a place or will she end up quitting?


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  • Foreign Rights:
    SPAIN - Grijalbo, 2019
  • Editorial:   Grijalbo

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