(42 Days. Forensic Analysis of Jesus’s Crucifixion and Resurrection). Did Jesus’ heart still beat when his body came down from the cross? Hinting at an unsolved mystery or at
the scene of the crime, Miguel Lorente investigates, from a forensic point of view, those elements that Christian tradition sets at the very moment of the crucifixion. The results of his work are outstanding: Lorente discovers signs that lead him to conclude that Christ, who was arrested, judged, tortured and crucified, did not die on the cross. In this book a detailed analysis concerning the available research on the Holy Shroud is carried out. The author highlights both aspects: those that question its authenticity and those that verify it. Moreover, he brings forth a new hypothesis regarding the mechanism involved in the forming of the picture, that could give us the clue to disentangle the mystery. Shunning out any prejudice, Miguel Lorente makes a scientific analysis of the various elements that come together in this turning point in the history of human beings, and by doing so, reaches his
conclusions. Thus, the forty–two days that go from the
crucifixion to the Ascension acquire a new meaning, after
including the results of his investigations. The conclusions
prove to be respectful with Christian dogmas and show
us a new approach to Christ’s Passion.

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  • Number Of Pages:   200
  • Foreign Rights:
    SPAIN- Aguilar, 2007
    ITALY- Nord, 2009
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