(50 Essential Dreams – and Many Others that You Should Know). Since Sigmund Freud published his work The Interpretation of Dreams, the study of the representations of dreams and the unconscious has evolved significantly. Symbolic allegory currently exists for most objects, actions or situations, such as a bicycle representing effort, progress and independence. Dreaming of this type of vehicle indicates that, although you are going through a difficult phase, it us up to you to successfully overcome the situation. In contrast, running in a dream reveals, in general, a situation of uncertainty that you don’t know how to cope with. There are also dreams that alert the unconscious, like dreaming of alarms. If they appear in your dream, be aware that your subconscious is warning you of some kind of danger around you. Whatever your dream, you’ll find it in this work interpreted and represented with spectacular illustrations by Aina Pongiluppi.

The must-have book if you want to know what your dreams mean.

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    SPAIN - Círculo de Lectores, 2013
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