A couple from Madrid start suffering the consequences of unemployment and precariousness. When it comes to dealing with these problems and setting new goals for themselves, he decides to enroll in an emerging political party and she realizes they no longer share the same priorities. An employee in a modern company from Barcelona tries to reconcile the stirring fascination he feels towards his boss with the series of abusive misdeeds inflicted upon the company’s staff. A young unqualified worker loses his job and, in order to avoid paying rent, moves in with his septuagenarian aunt. Generational conflicts arise and, at the same time, so does a new type of communication and understanding.

These are the three main storylines in Asamblea ordinaria, a novel that uniquely portrays our country’s social reality in the past few years: in this context, how does our way of relating to each other adjust? What kinds of interpersonal conflicts arise? How do we internally process changes, and what means do we develop in order to adapt and make decisions? A novel without murders or robberies or alcoholic detectives, but still keeping us on tenterhooks from page one, almost as if someone had been able to read into our fears and deepest worries.

Asamblea ordinaria is narrated with storytelling virtuosity. It is structured in three different storylines told from the first, second and third persons, respectively, and provides us with characters to whom it is impossible not to relate.

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  • Number Of Pages:   220
  • Foreign Rights:
    SPANISH - Libros del Asteroide, 2016
  • Editorial:   Libros del Asteroide

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