(Barcino) –the ancient Barcelona–, Second Century. The fame of one man crosses all the frontiers of the time: Lucio Minicio Natal Quadroni Ver comes from a respected family of the colony and is a handsome military man and politician who won the perilous chariot race in 129. But a shadow suddenly falls across the hero of Barcino. Not his professional success, his friendships, his love for Kyrene or the esteem he shows for his wife Fausta can cancel out the traces of Teseu, a slave who marked his childhood and who seems to lurk behind each betrayal and murder. A novel full of action and emotions; a breathtaking read that will take the reader to the exciting Barcelona of Roman times and let him discover the most intimate secrets of a man who proudly promoted his city around the world.

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  • Number Of Pages:   336
  • Foreign Rights:
    CATALAN- Columna, 2009
    SPAIN- Ediciones B, 2011
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  • Editorial:   Ediciones B
  • Copies:   15.000

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