(Caliphs, Warriors, Slaves and Eunucos). Islam, the religion preached by Mahomet that brought together several Asian and African countries fifteen centuries ago, provides many clues to understand Spain and Europe. The relationship between Islam and Christendom, basis of our European culture has often been a collection of misunderstandings: from the repeated attempts on conquering Europe to the recurrent crusades done by European Christians against the heart of Islam. From colonialism in the 19th and 20th centuries to the huge immigration of Turkish and Maghrebi people. In spite of so many voices raising the alarm, this book tries to quietly meditate about the traits of Islam as a religion and as a way of life. It also looks upon the history of Islam in Spain, a most biased history as regards those who demonise the moors and those who on the opposite side, idealise them as the educated and easy-going society which has never existed. Lastly, this book tries to understand the future scenario in European culture and society: a scenario where
Muslims could outnumber the local Christians, due to birth rate.

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