Sometimes, the love for writing can become an obsession: the narrator’s determination to record black on white, the trickle of life leads her to a detailed journey through the moments that have marked her biography: of the mother’s early death to the peculiar relationship with the father, from the perverse games of childhood to the lovelessness of marriage and to the dark thread of lovers that shape their love experience, from resentment for the presences imposed on sleeplessness by daughters who grow like young plants, asking for space to Joy and pain

Convinced that only what can be written deserves to be lived, the woman who transits through this novel leaves behind ink traces that are beautiful and vivid words. The will to live lies in the effort of language, he writes. Of saying or not saying depends, many times, my way of enjoying the sea, the music, the storm, the friendship, the emotions … Thus an upside down world arises in appearance, in which feelings are born of writing and in the that it anticipates the experience.

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  • Number Of Pages:   368
  • Foreign Rights:
    SPAIN- Lumen, 2007
    CZECH REPUBLIC- Euromedia, 2009
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