In October of 1940, when Himmler traveled to Spain, he planned on visiting an archaeological excavation in order to analyze whether the country had remains of what could be considered the Aryan race. He traveled with a woman from the Ahnenerbe organization, which safeguarded the Aryan race in Berlin, and they discovered a blond, tall, handsome young man, who ended up in Berlin, in Ahnenerbe, where several studies designated him the perfect Aryan. He was thus sent to a foster home, where he became a breeding stud for women. The young man made friends in Berlin, several from the diplomatic community, and he also fell in love… with a Jewish woman. This event triggered a process against him, at the end of which he joined the Blaue Division in order to purge his sins and help out an aristocratic friend.

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    SPAIN - Espasa, 2016
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