(Catholicism Explained to Sheep). An irreverent book that answers many questions that must be tormenting the souls of believers across the world today: If God’s not a psychopath, why does he advise theft and murder? Why did he give the Jews, his chosen people, the only patch of land in the Middle East where there’s no oil? Why is it that guardian angels note down every orgasm a Catholic has? Why’s the Holy Spirit a dove not a duck-billed platypus which would be much more logical? Was Mary Magdalene really a whore or has there been some confusion? And, included in the price, after two thousand years of mathematical and logical controversy, this book reveals the mystery of the Holy Trinity.

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  • Number Of Pages:   499
  • Foreign Rights:
    SPAIN- Planeta, 2009
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  • Editorial:   Planeta
  • Edition:   7th edition

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