(The Maker of Lies). Alexandre claims to be the Prince of the Marshes, the son of King Albatross and Queen Fortune, since this is what his father has always told him. But, one day, when he finds himself alone, he explains who he is and no one believes him. He had doubts himself for some time now, but he never thought that his father could have fooled him so much. But… who is he, then? Why does he suddenly find himself in foster care? It will prove difficult to come to terms with the harsh truth, and even more so when he must share his reality with other kids in the center. Mar, Judit, Ona, and above all Kilian will make fun of him for being an eccentric kid. With time, however, there will be less and less distance between them and Alejandro will understand that he is not the only one with problems. With the help of Irene, the psychologist at the center, he will come to discover his past.

  • Book Details

  • Number Of Pages:   144
  • Foreign Rights:
    CATALAN- Barcanova, 2004
  • Book Link:   Click Here
  • Editorial:   Barcanova
  • Awards:   Obra seleccionada White Raven, 2004
  • Copies:   more than 10,000 copies sold
  • Edition:   8th edition

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