Ernesto’s life changes overnight when his father dies in the war between Cuba and Angola. Nearly four decades later after spending his youth in his hometown of Havana, and having lived with his wife Renata in Berlin and Lisbon, his life still revolves around the war and the loss of his father.
Not even the rejection of his sister Tania or Renata’s despair can diminish his preoccupation. Suspicious of his friend Berto, a compatriot who participated in the war and confessed his defection, Ernesto’s memory and obsession for understanding the past will eventually turn his life upside down, in a way that he could never have imagined.

“Karla Suárez is one of the most authentic, inquiring, inquisitive voices of her literary generation in Cuba. A writer from head to toe.” Leonardo Padura

SPAIN – Comba, 2017 PORTUGAL – Porto, 2016 FRANCE – Métaillé, 2017
340 pages
Literary fiction

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