(The Man’s Son). An uproar in the temple of Jerusalem leads to the intervention of the Roman garrison quartered in Antonia Fortress. A man named Saulo is arrested on account of having allowed Gentiles in the holy site and is brought to Caesarea to be
questioned by the Roman governor. After that, Saulo advises the doctor Luke –one of his fellow travellers– to make the most of his time and talk to those who were Jesus’ closest friends. Thus, the testimonies of those who were closely related to the crucified in Galilee, Peraea and Jerusalem are interweaved in the story with the life of a slave who is able to buy his liberty, thanks to his medical skills. In the end, both destinies will take shape in a tale that unfolds something that has never been told: Luke’s Gospel.

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  • Number Of Pages:   500
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    SPAIN- Suma (Santillana), 2007
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