(The Purple Ribbon from Jerusalem). The Order of Montegaudio, a Spanish brotherhood of knights, ready to fight in the Holy Land beside the Templars and the Hospital knights, comes into being in the age of the Crusades, at the peak of the struggle between Christendom and Islam. This is their unknown, desperate and fascinating story. Which mysterious link connects a Carcassone Templar summary trial, an impious robbery in the New Temple of London and the vanishing of caliph Uzman’s purple ribbon? Four individuals who belong to different backgrounds and who share an intense and sometimes puzzling faith in their mission have the answer: a man from Navarre swept away to the East in order to fulfil a promise, a Temple treasury knight commander, a Muslim warrior that belongs to the Druse sect and a gorgeous and peculiar Egyptian fortune teller. All of them will be swept to the edge of the cliff while rushing to recover the traces of an ancient secret.

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  • Number Of Pages:   576
  • Foreign Rights:
    SPAIN- Grijalbo, 2008
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  • Editorial:   Grijalbo

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