Third part of the Olkraan Legacy serie. According to an ancient law, the throne of Olkrann belongs to the White Dragons, but prince Gerhson wants it for himself and attacks when Geoffrey, the last member of that lineage, has just been born. To escape death, the boy is taken through the Threshold, a magical passage that joins the two worlds. On this side, he is raised in an orphanage in London, knowing nothing.

Fifteen years later, just when World War II is starting, Geoffrey has to face his destiny. He returns across the Threshold, this time with a group of loyal friends, the Chatterton Club, and undertakes a quest to regain the throne, but first, to have any hope of succeeding against evil odds, he will need to gain the help of two other kingdoms, Wolrhun and Nemeghram.

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  • Number Of Pages:   352
  • Foreign Rights:
    SPAIN – Bruño, 2015
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  • Editorial:   Bruño

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