(The Stressed Monkey). Stress –the central theme of this work– is certainly one of the great evils of our time. This book explains what stress is, or better said the different types of stress, and the reactions that they generate in our bodies. The author deals with a myriad of issues which will not leave any reader unaffected: how can we prevent or mitigate the effects of stress? What happens in our bodies when we eat a very salty meal, for example? How is diabetes triggered? And what can we do to stop it developing? And, of course, it also deals with some of the measures –like food or medication– to combat the great plague of our time that is stress.

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  • Number Of Pages:   288
  • Foreign Rights:
    SPAIN- Crítica, 2012
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  • Editorial:   Crítica
  • Edition:   4rd edition

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