(The Other). Noel Villalta seems to have it all: love, money, social position, friends… Despite this he feels as if there’s something missing, that his life is incomplete. He can’t find his real self. Sick of the way he’s living his existence, he does pointless things which at times put his life at risk. As the consequence of one of these, Noel has a motorcycle
accident and loses his right hand from the forearm down. Not content with the solutions offered by doctors, Noel becomes obsessed with the idea of a transplant and ignoring expert advice, he puts all the mechanism in place to go back to being who he was. But nothing will ever be the same again. The shadow of a terrible suspicion takes over his mind and actions and Noel discovers that he isn’t who he thought he was. We can’t always control what we have inside.

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  • Number Of Pages:   295
  • Foreign Rights:
    SPAIN- Minotauro, 2009
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  • Editorial:   Minotauro

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