(The Portrait). Madrid 1585. Spain has prepared the Invincible Armada to fight the English, whose government, aware of the danger, sends a new agent to the Spanish
court: Christopher Marlowe. After obtaining a new personality, Marlowe contacts the painter don Alonso de Coloma, whose cousin Lorena is a renowned portrait painter
at the court of Philip II. Thanks to her, the young Englishman meets doña Ana de Mendoza, princess of Eboli. But the secretaries to the Spanish monarch discover the presence
of the agent and don’t hesitate in their efforts to avoid any type of interference in their ambitious political projects. Marlowe has to confront unexpected difficulties of being
obliged to choose between his life, his love or the success of his mission.
A passionate plot that reveals the weakest side of Philip II’s politics and how the secret services, spies and double agents changed the face of history, thanks to the talent of two women.

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  • Number Of Pages:   496
  • Foreign Rights:
    SPAIN- Ediciones B, 2009
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  • Editorial:   Ediciones B

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