(The Sanatorium) No one can escape from the sanatorium, while a superior power injects everyone with the virus of inactivity and acceptance of the problems that devastate the State. The silent, led by a group of non-conformist thinkers, decide to fight against the manipulated masses that embody the homogenization of ideas. That is, a mass of people afraid to rebel and all too willing to accuse the dissenting voices.

The Sanatorium is an allegory of a sick civilization, devastated and fearful of the powers that only serve to accuse the other. It is a unique work in the tradition of the novels of ideas that reveal and intensify reality. Fiction made up of ideas and anger and in defense of the republic of letters, where we can hear the voices of Robert Walser, Marguerite Duras, Thomas Bernhard and Gustave Flaubert, among others.

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  • Number Of Pages:   270
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    SPAIN - ED Libros, 2016
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