Each day, hundreds of people experience a supernatural encounter. In fact, it is possible that it is taking place right now, very close to you. Shadows that come across lonely hallways, images that disappear at the foot of the bed, or presences that come to deliver a message. For over ten years, Javier Pérez Campos has gathered these eyewitness events, visited cities, lonely spots and houses in Spain, old Europe and Japan and has even spent the night in places where these apparitions have taken place in search of answers.

An original and decisive investigation about a phenomenon that plunges into the world of art and architecture and the unknown side of ghosts. The conclusions of this most passionate adventure, full of images and unpublished documentation, are both bloodcurdling and luminous.

«This book connects the reader with profound and forgotten truths. It is more necessary today than ever before in order to know who we are. A jewel for the soul.» Iker Jiménez

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  • Number Of Pages:   460
  • Foreign Rights:
    SPAIN - Planeta, 2016
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  • Editorial:   Planeta

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