“I know from experience that it is much easier to feed in the outskirts of large cities. The prey, particularly if it is large, must be approached from behind its back. Thus, he or she has not enough time to react and, when struggling to catch on, it is already too late. The attack must be neat and precise but above all… sudden. When at last, the hot blood gushes inside my throat… it is something sublime and intoxicating that no human being will ever be able to value. But it is necessary to know how to stop. It is a dangerous instant in which it is easy to loose the hold on reality. If we stray from this rule, we could be captured or destroyed. It has never been so easy, as it is now, to get fresh blood. Each age has had its advantages and disadvantages. In the past, superstitions made it difficult to find victims, because only few people dared to wander around the streets at nightfall. Currently, superstitions seem to have vanished. Of course, people still believe in supernatural matters but devils, wolf-men and vampires have been replaced by cheap witches, 806 telephone lines and UFOs. Paradoxically, progress and technology have become my best allies. My acts appear as the work of some lunatic.”

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  • Number Of Pages:   395
  • Foreign Rights:
    SPAIN- Minotuaro, 2007
    PORTUGAL- Bico de Pena, 2008
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  • Editorial:   Minotauro

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