Cuba is tense in the middle of a recession and the state is trying to handle it with the illusion of an open economy, but the insular mentality has changed and the ordinary citizen is no longer docile like they’ve been for the last half century. Marginalization threatens to overwhelm the system.

In la Mazmorra, the police unit from the overcrowded district of Habana Vieja, officers from the National Revolutionary Police, the famous PNR, are trying to face the social shipwreck, but the agents of the law themselves are precarious levees of contention, burdened by their own human misery.

A presumptive suicide, a serial rapist, and the dead body of a young black man connected to designer drugs and gangs, are the starting points of Habana réquiem. Three of la Mazmorra’s lieutenants -the veteran Puyol, the career minded Ana Rosa, and the impulsive Eddy- are charged with closing these investigations against the clock. Each of them has their own methods, but they all share a maxim: “Being a good cop sometimes means getting your hands dirty.”

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    SPAIN - HarperCollins, 2017
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