(You Freeze from Love). In the early 90’s, just as I turned thirty, I wrote these short stories which I then regarded as erotic. But now I am in my mid-forties and I have found out that they were only fantasy fiction. In one’s youth, one tends to mix up eroticism and sexuality. Whereas eroticism needs only fantasy, desire and imagination (this is the quid of the question); sexuality demands a partner, a place and some paraphernalia (that is the kit of the question). Hence, at thirty, I believed that my characters only shagged, but now I have realised that what they were doing was a quid–kit. Thus, You Freeze from Love, is not a selection of erotic short stories but a lot of sexual nonsense. It is a science-friction book.

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  • Number Of Pages:   148
  • Foreign Rights:
    SPAIN- Páginas de Espuma, 2006
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  • Editorial:   Páginas de Espuma

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