Martí and Nora are neighbours and good friends. They like to read, write, tell jokes and write! What else do they have in common? That they never greet anyone, ever! And it’s not that they are rude, no! It’s that kind words never come out of them. But one day, while playing with other children, suddenly their colours disappear, they turn grey and disappear. Now none can see them, they have to talk to be seen. What will they do?

This book like Fora malsons and No som els tres porquets are part of the same series, “Millora” aimed at early readers to learn values, improve manners and coexistence with the environment..

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  • Number Of Pages:   48
  • Book Link:   Click Here
  • Editorial:   Bambú
  • Edition:   3rd edition
  • Co-Author:   Cristina Losantos
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