(Immortal and Perfect. How Medicine Will Radically Change Our Lives). When will we be able to cure cancer? Is it already possible to clone human beings? And create life in a laboratory? Do we understand all the information contained in the human genome? What are mother cells for? Will we be able to delay aging? Twenty-first century medicine aims to answer these and other questions that are the keys to our future as a species. Doctors and scientists of all disciplines are working intensively to unfold the mysteries of the human body and to provide solutions to the illnesses that affect us. Where will the dizzyingly fast discoveries of recent years lead us? From his privileged position as a researcher on the frontline in one of the most demanding and swiftly changing fields of science, Salvador Macip, explains the latest advances, clarifies common doubts and destroys some of the most established fallacies. There’s also a surprising forecast of the way new medicine will radically change our lives, making us completely healthy, perfect beings who might even become immortal. Prolonging life, eternal youth, curing cancer, clones: truth and myths on a medicine from a future that is increasingly close.

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  • Number Of Pages:   304
  • Foreign Rights:
    SPAIN- Destino, 2008
    CATALAN- Edicions 62, 2008
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  • Editorial:   Destino

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