(Komal and the Colorful Kite). Komal is a princess that lives in a palace on a hill. Her father, the maharaja, forbids her to go out fearing for her safety. While Komal is a little girl, she feels safe and happy but, as she becomes older, a huge curiosity to discover the world awakens inside of her. Komal and her friends come up with a fabulous plan that will allow them to discover the life and customs of the villagers. But the spell of an evil sorcerer will cast sadness upon the town and, only through team work, will the kids find a way to bring happiness back to the people.

A tale about friendship, solidarity and the importance of collaborating with others.

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  • Number Of Pages:   40
  • Book Link:   Click Here
  • Editorial:   Alba
  • Co-Author:   Ilustración Glòria Falcón

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