Rodrigo Silva is forced to attend the public hanging of his father for the loss of a galleon at the hands of the English pirates. It is a great injustice. It’s false. And for that he swears revenge. But fate has prepared a surprise for him. After training as a cartographer in Seville, he will become a master in the art of navigating and drawing nautical charts, which will lead him to be part of one of the most ambitious plans of Felipe II: the conquest of China.

As the king’s secret emissary, he will immediately leave and infiltrate the fabulous eastern kingdom to study the viability of a Hispanic colony in that territory, trace with reliable data the coordinates of the vast country and report on the activity of a Jesuit settlement that Rome conceals in a mysterious way. There your knowledge will open many doors, but also push you to the edge of death and take you to the same imperial court in the Forbidden City. Throughout his trepidante peripecia, between admirals and corsairs, conspiracies, viceroys and spies, wild natives, fanatical clerics and kindly missionaries, you will discover that you can not trust anyone and that sublime love is where you least expect it.

Great characters, lots of intrigue and surprising twists, rigor, mystery, agility and fluidity, adventure, love … An extraordinary historical novel by Jesús Maeso de la Torre about the greatest Spanish adventure of the 16th century: the conquest of China.

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  • Number Of Pages:   587
  • Foreign Rights:
    SPAIN - Ediciones B, 2015
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  • Editorial:   Ediciones B

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