Overwhelmed by the weight of a crown that he never desired, Philip V finds in Elisabeth Farnese, his second wife, an intelligent and ambitious woman, as well as an eager partner in his scandalous bed games.

But not even the queen can help to calm the fears and spells of melancholy that strike Philip with more and more frequency. The king is hounded by the suspicion that a curse looms over him and the Bourbon dynasty. When the obsession begins to affect his spirits, he will become convinced that only his abdication could save Spain and himself from the depths of chaos.

With her masterful narrative sensitivity, Mari Pau Domínguez opens the doors of the royal bedrooms to show us the daring intimacy of the first Bourbon king and his complex relationship with the destiny that had been set out for him.[/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column]

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  • Number Of Pages:   347
  • Foreign Rights:
    SPAIN - Grijalbo, 2016
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  • Editorial:   Grijalbo
  • Edition:   2nd edition

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