(The Crux of the Matter)

What is the difference between a church and a cathedral? Why is the Holy Spirit represented by a dove? Why is Saint John the Evangelist depicted both with and without a beard? How can we tell apart Saint Judas Thaddaeus from Judas Iscariot? Was there a patron saint for prostitutes? What determines the holiness of a relic? With the immense informative capacity and refined sense of humor that characterize him, Juan Eslava Galán guides us through the most important Spanish religious art and teaches us to interpret and enjoy it. The author will help us to decipher the sacred art that surrounds us through its history and representations and, as a result, to understand the culture in which we live and that we often ignore or have forgotten.

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  • Number Of Pages:   400
  • Foreign Rights:
    SPAIN - Planeta, 2016
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  • Editorial:   Planeta
  • Edition:   2nd edition

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