Beto, Moco, Carlos and Manu shared their friendship as well as their sexual awakening in a Jesuit school in Lima. They also shared something else: During their adolescence, they fought to hide their weakness from their schoolmates, to mark their territory and to flee from the reality of their respective families. This combination made them realize that they would only leave a definitive trace of their existence by exerting power over others with irrational fury.

As adults, and with a frankness granted only by the passing of time, they think back on a dramatic event that took place during their youth and about which only they know the truth. What really happened on the night they decided to revolt against their entire world? In the nineties, a tumultuous period in Peruvian history, what started as a vengeful adventure gets out of hand and finds its echo in the attacks and the bomb explosions that take place throughout the country. General and personal horrors compete with one another. And not even love can bring redemption.

La noche de los alfileres is a story of violence and a group of young men, alien to the sense of danger, who break down the barriers between good and evil. A novel that consolidates Santiago Roncagliolo’s talent in the use of suspense and the thriller, as well as his privileged place within Spanish literature.

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  • Number Of Pages:   416
  • Foreign Rights:
    SPAIN - Alfaguara, 2016
    CROATIA - Edicije Bozicevic, 2016
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  • Editorial:   Alfaguara
  • Awards:   2nd Edition

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