The Orchid of the Ages. Introducing the strangest and most enchanting friends from school: Jimmy, a skeleton; Amber, a girl made out of interchangeable parts; Severina, a girl who is easily mistaken for a large ball of fluff; Leo, a boy with four eyes on stalks; Tarsio, an incorrigible joker; Nosperratu, a dog belonging to the Romanian aristocracy. All of them are in Class Monster-3B. They are really good friends and are almost always in some kind of trouble or funny situation.

On this occasion Leo brings a box to school belonging to one of his family ancestors. After finding out how to open it they find a plan of the school, a drawing of a flower and a key. But what does this mysterious find mean? They can’t resist trying to find out and that is the start of an adventure that will lead them to a secret that has been hidden in the school for 200 years.

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  • Number Of Pages:   120
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  • Editorial:   Algar Editorial

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