¨Everything that the dictatorship brought persecutes us, because it defines us. And it will never go away¨, says Francisco to Diego the day of their reunion in Lima. It has been almost ten years since they left Peru. From New York to London, they devoted to promiscuous trips in which they became addicted to sexual threesomes. But something traumatic occurs to Francisco involving a beautiful prostitute and a band of criminals -The Turks- in Berlin, destroying the excessive life of both friends and conjuring hidden ghosts of a violent past.

What really happened that delirious night in Berlin? Why has neither of them mentioned it again? Did Francisco beat the blonde prostitute to death? Did he leave unscathed from the Turks’ attack or just pretend that nothing had happened, out of shame? Did it even happen? After the sudden disappearance of Francisco -some years after their meeting in Lima- the obsessive need to know what happened drives Diego, el Chato to follow the footsteps of the one person who might know the truth: Cayetana Herencia, a mysterious woman who arrived in France fleeing her country. She too is at the core of a story of love and betrayal, murders and disappearances, police enigmas and political intrigue.

Shortlisted for the Premio Herralde de Novela SPAIN – Anagrama, 2017
FRANCE – Buchet-Chastel, 2018

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