(The New, New Men. Age-Old Fears in Times of Equality). It seems that times have changed for men. Or is it just appearances that have changed? It’s certainly true that in our society women have thrown off their traditional roles and now occupy territory that was once exclusively male. But how deep is the change? “Change so that things stay the same: this has been men’s commitment to the changes in the times, fashions and circumstances without relinquishing their positions of power and so that no changes threaten their solid position in the social structure,” confirms Miguel Lorente Acosta. From
the unbeatable observation point offered by his experience as an investigator and forensic scientist, Lorente Acosta offers a polished, fine-tuned analysis that’s critical and provocative of “post-machismo”, the male strategy for maintaining a position of pre-eminence in times of apparent equality, that are not so far from the egoisms, atavisms and brutalities of the past as we would wish. But the message from this book is hopeful: an end to inequality is inevitable and will be irreversible. The important and decisive thing is to reach that moment only after a profound revision of men’s roles. To find the “new, new men,” It is only in this way, rather than changing so that everything stays the same, that we can once and for all reach “equality to continue changing.” Old myths, repeated errors, new attitudes. A lucid and progressive diagnosis of the obstacles that still litter the path
towards equality between the sexes.

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  • Number Of Pages:   400
  • Foreign Rights:
    SPAIN- Destino, 2008
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