(Mariana, the Threads of Freedom). Granada, 1828. During the last years of Ferdinand VII’S reign in Spain, the persecution of liberals becomes harsher, and Mariana de Pineda, a most unconventional woman for her time, is situated at the eye of the storm of the political repression applied by a capricious and cruel monarch. While Mariana conspires to reinstate the abolished Constitution of 1812, a feeling of restlessness spreads throughout Granada, as a series of murders shakes up the city. Antonio Diéguez is the agent in charge of solving these crimes, where the victims appear to have been punished by the Holy Office – the people call the feared assassin “the executioner of the Inquisition.”

A thriller about the value, loyalty and defense of one’s own ideals up to the very end.

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  • Number Of Pages:   576
  • Foreign Rights:
    SPAIN- Plaza & Janés, 2013
    POCKET - B de Bolsillo, 2018
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  • Editorial:   Plaza & Janés

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