(Noel is looking for you) Enric wakes up in a hospital room in Barcelona.  A young man who he does not recognize is at his side. “You are alive,” he hears this stranger say.  Then he passes out.

With the passage of time, Enric learns that he is injured and has amnesia .He had a terrible car accident that killed his three companions in the car. The center’s doctors and psychologists do not permit the police to interrogate him due to his condition. Little by little, Enric will learn that a lot of drugs were found in the car that he had been riding in but his amnesia will keep him from remembering what he had been doing in the vehicle and who his companions had been.

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  • Number Of Pages:   216
  • Foreign Rights:
    CATALAN- La Galera, 2012
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  • Editorial:   La Galera

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