(Bread and Circuses).

23BC. Augustus is gravely ill and his two heirs dispute the succession. To earn the favour of the people, Marcus Claudius Marcellus squanders his fortune on circuses, theatre and gladiator combats while a terrible drought threatens the supply of wheat to Rome. The crisis is compounded by the conspiracy of a group of senators, led by Fannius Caepio and Lucius Lucinius Varro Murena, who aim to reinstall the Republic. As an agent at the service of Tiberius, Vitruvius Rufiano must infiltrate Murena’s gladiator school to discover his plans and to try to frustrate them. This mission takes him from the slums of the capital to the amphitheatre arena, where the future of the Republic will be determined.

One of the most exciting and historically rigorous novels about Ancient Rome.


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  • Number Of Pages:   475
  • Foreign Rights:
    SPAIN - Roca Editorial, 2013
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