(Philosophy. Questions that concern everybody). A discussion on the very essence of philosophy and the innate human need to ask questions. Having to reply “philosopher” or even “professor of philosophy” when asked your profession can be awkward. The difficulty doesn’t lie with the questioner who probably won’t know how to classify that kind of expertise or knowledge but more with the fact that the philosopher himself probably doesn’t know how to classify it. A philosopher is certainly someone whose task it is to think but that was the same for Ramón y Cajal, Einstein, or Gauss, for example, and no one would classify them as philosophers, or at least not primarily. The popular view is that “philosophers talk about subjects that are only of interest to themselves and in the kind of language that, at the best of times, only they can understand”. It’s difficult for philosophers to convince themselves as much as others that this view is simply a caricature and that, in reality, a philosopher is someone who talks about things that concern everyone and who does so in elemental terms. To say that a philosopher talks exclusively about things that concern everyone suggests that philosophy is fundamentally the elemental questioning which comes as a logical consequence of being human. Language reaches maturity by exploring different paths. The interrogative path is certainly one of them and the word for the wonder that leads to the question is precisely “philosophy”.

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    SPAIN- Espasa, 2008
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