(Who’s that in the photo?) When her best friend took a photo at her sixteenth birthday party, Hannah didn’t expect to see herself portrayed next to someone that noone/no one saw during the celebration. Perhaps the image has been superimposed? But that’s impossible with a digital camera! But, it is precisely what happened to Hannah Potter. Who is this haunting presence and what  does it want? With the help of her brothers, Harold and Harry, and her grandfather Humphrey, she has to figure out the mystery around this apparation.


  • Book Details

  • Number Of Pages:   152
  • Foreign Rights:
    CATALAN- Bromera, 2009
  • Book Link:   Click Here
  • Editorial:   Bromera
  • Awards:   Premi Bancaixa de Narrativa Juvenil 2009
  • Copies:   7.000
  • Edition:   2a edició

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