(I Remember 1936. An Oral Story of the Spanish Civil War). This book is much more than a mere civil war account. César Vidal gives voice to the pedestrians of history, to the ordinary people who stood next to the grand characters and their pursuits. That is why he has collected the testimonies of thirty survivors, followers of different ideologies, who experienced the struggle or who suffered its results. Thus surfaces a thrilling tale in which supporters of both sides emphasise César Vidal’s narrative and turn this work into a truthful memorial to our history. Militiamen, legionnaires, anarchists and falangists enrich
the book with its memories and make history come alive. As a result, we have an oral and popular civil war story which offers a different approach while complementing the official history”.

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  • Number Of Pages:   503
  • Foreign Rights:
    SPAIN- Planeta, 2008
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