In this intimate thriller, the reunion between the twins Lulu and Mati, many years after Mati left for the capital, becomes a struggle for and against the past, a struggle in which they search for replies to the questions they haven’t wanted to ask over the years. They ask which path their mother took and why she went. They ask if she’s alive and if she abandoned them. They ask if she fell into the hunter’s trap. Twins with different lives who ask themselves the same questions about their childhood to make the present more bearable.

“If you like Joyce Carol Oates, you will love Marta del Riego Anta. Sendero de frío y amor is the story of women who try to live past the scars of love. Two sisters flee from the ghost of their mother and search for their place in the world. A novel that is both tender and dark, that is moving one page and grippingly suspenseful the next.” Santiago Roncagliolo

“It is not easy to find something new to say on the classic subject of duplication, of twins. This book suceeds in doing so”. Agustín Fernández Mallo

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  • Number Of Pages:   300
  • Foreign Rights:
    Spain- Suma de Letras, 2013
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  • Editorial:   Suma

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