On the 30th anniversary of its publication, we present this special and updated edition of a gastronomic classic enriched with illustrations by Juliet Pomés Leiz. The book is dedicated to the most simple and successful contribution of Catalan cuisine: bread with tomato. The book is not just a brief theoretical manual about its origins and preparation, with priceless bits of humor, but also an enticement to the pleasures of its practice, with over 70 delicious recipes that invite us to discover the versatility and delicacy of a dish so simple that, in the hands of a gourmet and esthete as hedonistic as Leopoldo Pomés, provides wonderful surprises.

«In the apparent simplicity of bread with tomato, Pomés has found the recipe for sensuality, pleasure and the life that he has so often photographed.» (From the prologue by David Trueba)

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  • Number Of Pages:   159
  • Foreign Rights:
    SPAIN - Tusquets, 2016
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  • Editorial:   Tusquets

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