(Winds of Intrigue). A passionate novel about the tumultuous months that led up to the Second of May.During the stormy autumn of 1807 the events at El Escorial brought to public light the serious differences between Carlos IV and María Luisa de Parma –whose devotion for Godoy bordered on the pathological– and their son, Fernando VII, whose ambition had converted the court into a hotbed of intrigues. Meanwhile, in the middle of growing political agitation a group of characters meet at the inn El Antillano, to comment on the political events that are upturning the lives of Spaniards. A mysterious organisation, the Fraternity of San Andrés, and a cruel murder spark what will lead to a shattering adventure. Winds of Intrigue takes the reader inside several thrilling months of Spanish life, full of conspiracies, confrontations and revolts that would lead to the Second of May and the beginning of the War of Independence from France. A novel that recreates, in a fictional tone, one of the most exciting and heroic episodes in the history of the country. A work where historical rigor is no obstacle to enjoying the passionate plot where, yet again, truth surpasses fiction.

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  • Number Of Pages:   413
  • Foreign Rights:
    SPAIN- Plaza & Janés, 2008
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  • Editorial:   Plaza & Janés

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