(Zona prohibida) Daia and her twin sister Inge live in an isolated and automated boarding school along with another hundred girls who are meant to be the first generation of humans to survive the effects of a great pandemic. Unexpectedly, a catastrophe forces them to leave the center and seek refuge. The time Has come to face the real world, where violence is a way of life and nothing is what it seems.

“When the savages take over the road, all that remains is the fight for survival.”

In 2015, Prohibited zone received the award Protagonista Jove, with a jury of hundreds of teenagers.

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  • Foreign Rights:
    CATALAN - Fanbooks, 2013 | SPAIN - Algar, 2014
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  • Editorial:   Algar
  • Awards:   Award Premi Ramon Muntaner, 2013 | Award Protagonista Jove, 2015

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